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    • Take a trip back to the '50s, where gelatin salads stole the show, doctors endorsed cigarette brands, and plastic cutlery was as exciting as black-and-white reruns of "I Love Lucy." A little outdated, right?

    • Now, enter u10sils – smart, stylish and sustainable cutlery in vivid technicolor.

    • Let’s crunch some numbers. Did you know an astonishing 40 billion pieces of plastic cutlery end up in the bin each year? That’s like the weight of 700 blue whales, or a stampede of 15,000 African elephants, or a whole army of 60,000 hippos. Terrifying, right?

    • Fear not. With u10sils, you can bid adieu to single use plastic cutlery for good. Compact, stylish, and ready for any adventure, u10sils is on a mission to save the planet one stylish bite at a time. From sleek cutlery kits to straws and chopsticks, we’ve got eco-friendly dining in the bag.

    • So join us. Grab your u10sils and dine like the world's fate hangs in the balance – because, let's face it, it kinda does.