u10sils For All

Hi, my name is Ian. I designed u10sils so I could enjoy meals on the go with clean and sustainable stainless steel cutlery, the kind I would want to use everyday. If you're a germ-a-phobe, an eco-warrior or someone who appreciates the value of nice things made to last, u10sils will bring you a satisfying experience everyday. We hope you come to love u10sils as much as we do and continue to build healthy habits for yourself and the planet.

  • Paper Straws and Wooden Spoons

    It's a valiant effort but no one really enjoys soggy paper straws or wooden spoons. u10sils offers a satisfying and reliable eating experience no matter what you're eating.

  • A Small Move with Big Impact

    If wood cutlery and paper straws aren’t enough of a reason, let’s dig into the plastic islands taking shape in our oceans. Plastic cutlery was invented in the 1950’s and you can’t deny the toll it's taken.

  • The Definitive Everyday Cutlery Set

    u10sils's stainless steel cutlery is the same size as a plastic set but features wider handles for varied abilities and ages and is available in seven beautiful finishes. With a deluxe dishwasher safe case and a silicone lid that doubles as an oven mitt, u10sils is pretty hard to beat.